December 2018-January 2019: Blogpost sequence ARCHIMEDES-I cruise on Ocean Blogs
In December 2018 I embarked the RV Sonne for another offshore scientific mission: 7 weeks in the Lau Basin. I wrote a blog on Ocean Blogs about all our adventures:
It has been reposted on the AdValvas website:
AdValvas blog: SO267 ARCHIMEDES-I

October 2018: Publication Frontiers in Earth Science

My third and for now final paper of my PhD work got published in the Open Source journal Frontiers in Earth Science. With analogue modelling techniques I am showing the importance of stronger layers at depth in compolex rheological systems on the locus and geometry of continental rifting and eventual break-up.

September 2018: De Balie STUDIO 3

De Balie-STUDIO is a program to prepare early career experts for a role in the public debate in The Netherlands. I had the chance to participate in the 3rd edition of De Balie-STUDIO.

28 February 2018: Blogpost on Ocean Blogs
In February 2018 I embarked the Maria S Merian for a 3-week scientific mission. I wrote two blog posts about the straights we passed through on our journey.
From the Canary Islands to Crete: Sailing the Mediterranean Straits. Part I
From the Canary Islands to Crete: Sailing the Mediterranean Straits. Part II

8 December 2017: PhD Defense "From continental rifting to conjugate margins: insights from analofue and numerical models"
After almost three years after I started my PhD project at IFP Energies nouvelles and the University Pierre et Marie Curie I have defended my PhD thesis successfully. Here is a link to the manuscript.

5 October 2017: Blogpost "Polar research on the equator: tracking Indias escape from Antarctica by ship"
In July and August 2017 I spent 6 weeks on German research vessel "Sonne" to collect geophysical data. Curious about life on a research vessel? Check it out here: Traveling Geologist

1 September 2017: Publication GRL
A second paper resultng from my PhD work is online now! "Two-branch break-up systems by a single mantle plume: Insights from numerical modelling". We show that it it possible to create two break-up branches by the influence of only one mantle plume, depending on the thermal state of the system, far-field forces acting on it and the initial location of the mantle anomaly with respect to a rheological contact.


2 July 2017: Geological Video Contest "On the Rocks"
The Società Geologica Italiana hosts a video contest for everybody to demonstrate and explain geological problems, phenomena and methods. I have submitted my movie and guess what, it has been selected by the jury!

26 April 2017: ECS representative TS division EGU
Within the European General Assembly, all divisions have an early career representative (ECS). Today I have been appointed the position of ECS representative of the TS division. I am super excited to work with the fantastic team that already exists! If you like to know more about the division and our activities, check out our blog, follow us on facebook or just send me a message!

25 April 2017: Outstanding Student Poster and Pico Presentation (OSPP) Award EGU
Every division at the EGU gives an OSPP Award to the best poster presented by a student during the General Assembly the year before. Last year my poster was chosen and today, I receive my award!

1 March 2017: Publication EPSL
My paper on Numerical models for continental break-up: Implications for the South Atlantic is now officially published. The major conclusion is that the break-up center of a rift system not necessarily has to develop above the plume-impingement point.

27 February 2017: South Atlantics Next Top Model
Back in my home country! For 2,5 months I am making analogue models with silicon putty and sand. All models are lithosphere scale, which means that the models float on a heavy liquid. How do you make such a model? Watch this movie and learn!

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